Geometric Polynesian Blackwork Sleeves by Colin Zumbro

Geometric Polynesian Blackwork Sleeves by Colin Zumbro

The ever popular Polynesian sleeve is one of the most beautiful pieces of tattooing that can be done.

Polynesian sleeves have a certain aura about them. Whether it's their rich history and association with brave warriors, or just the fact that they are insanely cool looking. They've become more visible in the public eye in recent years with the emergence and popularity of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, or Disney's newest animated movie, Moana. Their ascension into the public consciousness is unprecedented.

With this popularity, you'll probably begin to see more and more people with these kind of Polynesian-style blackwork tattoos, and one of the very best artists at this craft has got to be Colin Zumbro. Part of what makes Zumbro's work so impressive is how he has expounded upon the traditions from Polynesian tattooing and added different elements to make a style of his own. 

These sleeves are not only true to the rich history of the people of the South Pacific, but their intricacies are so detailed that you can tell Zumbro took a long time to study the complexity of these geometric blackwork tattoos. He's worked in multiple tattoo shops across Germany, giving people beautiful sleeves that they can proudly show off to anyone within eyesight.

Follow Colin Zumbro on Instagram in order to keep yourself updated on his artistic endeavors and his Polynesian tattoos.

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