Get a Glimpse of Dwayne Johnson's Singing Tattoo!

Get a Glimpse of Dwayne Johnson's Singing Tattoo!

Is there any thing cooler than a tattoo that belts out tunes by Lin-Manuel Miranda?

How great would it be if your tattoos could sing? It would be like having all your favorite songs with you at all times without the burden of throwing down $300 for badass wireless headphones. Well, get ready to be envious of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson once again as you peep his amazing singing tattoo.

OK, so it isn't an actual singing tattoo and it doesn't really belong to Johnson. In reality we are talking about the much anticipated new Disney film Moana and Johnson's character, the demi-god Maui. 

We've been going crazy waiting to see the tattooed character on the big screen, so it's fantastic to finally get a glimpse of how the animators are going to make use of Maui's extensive tattoos. Unlike the tattoos on our skin, the ones on Maui's skin come to life. Mini-Maui, a little character tattooed onto Maui, serves as a sort of conscience for the demi-god. Basically, he helps goad the big guy into doing the right thing.  

Not only does Mini-Maui offer some help and advice, but he also helps provide some pretty spot-on backup singing when Maui breaks into song. In the clip below you'll get your first chance to listen to Johnson's singing voice (not bad!) as he serenades the film's heroine, Moana. And who wrote the little ditty you are listening to? The one-and-only Lin-Manuel Miranda. Yeah, the Hamilton guy. Check out the clip below!

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Are you as excited about Moana as we are? Of course you are! Keep checking back with Tattoodo to find out the latest news about the upcoming Disney blockbuster. And if any talented artist ever manages to create a real-life singing tattoo we'll have that scoop as well! 

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