Get At These Cereal Tattoos Before They Go Soggy

Get At These Cereal Tattoos Before They Go Soggy

We’re serving up cereal tattoos by the bowlful in honor of our rotting teeth.

Thanks to the magic of cartoon advertising, most of us here at Tattoodo spent our youth rotting our teeth with sugary cereals. Our young brains got absolutely hammered by ads featuring lovable cartoon characters trying to entice us into bugging our parents for the hottest cereals of the day. Some of us were able to put down the spoon as we got older, but some of us have never been able to shake the monkey of sugary grains from our backs. To commemorate these lifelong addictions, we’ve got some sweet cereal tattoos for your viewing pleasure.

Sitting in front of Saturday morning cartoons with a giant bowl of cereal was the hottest ticket in town for most of our youth. These days Saturday morning means 1pm, but some of us still have our bowls packed with our eyes fixed on YouTube, because the more things change the more they stay the same.

If we had to wager a guess, we think that it’s highly likely that most Americans can identify more pictures of cereal mascots than they could portraits of presidents. Close your eyes and try to picture John Adams. Now close your eyes and try to picture Count Chocula. Which image is more clear in your mind’s eye?

We will take the likenesses of Tony the Tiger, Cap’n Crunch, Buzz the Bee, Toucan Sam, Lucky the Leprechaun, the Trix Rabbit, Dig’em Frog, Snap, Crackle, and Pop to our graves. These animated pitchmen were all created by advertising executives with the sole intent of boring the need for cereal into our brains. And what a great fucking job they did.

So why not take a sec, walk to the kitchen, and pour yourself a giant bowl to feast upon as you feast your eyes on these cereal tattoos? You’ll thank us, because these tattoos definitely make our mouths water for some sugar milk.

You notice how there aren’t any Special K or Fiber one offerings among these cereal tattoos? That’s because no one gives a shit about healthy cereal. It’s not to be celebrated. This is because cereal tattoos are reserved for a celebration of teeth-rotting goodness, not regular bowel movements.

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