Get Down With These Couples' Tattoos

Get Down With These Couples' Tattoos

Show your sweetie you really mean 'forever' with these matching couples' tattoos.

Ah, amor. It makes you do crazy things. Sometimes it makes you wear your lover's blood in a pendant around your neck; sometimes it makes you get matching tattoos. We don't judge here at Tattoodo — how you express your love is all yours. Get on down with your love in whatever way you both wanna get down. 

We've pulled some couples' tattoos to further inspire you and yours to take your love to the next level. You don't have to match, but these tattoos do, and you'll probably wanna show this to your girlfriend/boyfriend/sexfriend/bestfriend. 

The thing about a nice set of matching tattoos is that they don't have to actually perfectly match. They can interact with each other, play off each other, say something unique about each person when separated, but say something entirely new when coupled together. It's a fun, artsy game to play, especially in the brainstorming stages. 

So what are you waiting for? Cement your love with some indelible ink, and show the world you've got the guts to commit to your relationship — permanently. 

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