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Get In Touch With The Earth: Beautiful Nature Tattoos

Get In Touch With The Earth: Beautiful Nature Tattoos

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These nature tattoos will make you want to commune with nature by getting brand new ink.

By looking at these nature tattoos you can see how important plants and animals are to many people, and yet statistics say that by 2050 up to one half of all animal and plant species could die out due to global warming...another stat via the World Resources Institute states that 100 species die each day to due to tropical deforestation. So, next time you go get a nature tattoo, you should not only look at it as a reminder of how important it is to be peaceful and at one with the earth, but also to do your part to make sure this planet is safe for generations of people, plants, and animals to come.

But hanging out in nature is important. Going back to our roots, the Earth, is where we should be more often. But maybe that's why people get nature tattoos? As a reminder to how important animal and plant life really is.Concrete keeps filling up all the spaces, and it's weird to think that there really isn't any piece of land that doesn't belong to someone. Imagine being the first human on the face of this planet, and enjoying the forest, mountains, and rivers all to yourself. It's still sort of possible, in tiny ways. Again, these nature tattoos are like reminders of all the beautiful things that surround us, and how important it is to protect them.

You're busy, running around and getting things done. You're on your phone all the time, or checking your emails at your computer. You're working a lot, and sometimes forget to spend time with family. Time with friends is usually spent at the bar where you mostly talk about how stressed you are at work, or how the boss doesn't get you, or the coworker who drives you crazy. We get it. Most everyone these days is wrapped up in their daily life and too busy to take time to smell the roses.

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