Get Inspired For Halloween With Makeup Artist Ida Ekman

Get Inspired For Halloween With Makeup Artist Ida Ekman

Juuuuust in case you wait until two hours before to figure out your Halloween costume.

No matter what anyone says, makeup is a powerful tool. It can transform your entire face in a matter of minutes, but given the proper attention and a skilled hand, it can also turn any face into a stunning canvas. Halloween is on its way, and you’ll no doubt be in need of a little makeup inspiration for those last minute “Oh, shit. I should have planned this better. Maybe I’ll be a cat?” costumes. Cue Finnish makeup artist Ida Ekman.

Skilled in both ready-to-wear and avant-garde looks, Ekman's makeup often incorporates painting techniques that are abstract in nature, occasionally incorporating glitter and sometimes rhinestones. So please, if you’re scrambling at the last second to find a Halloween costume, and have decided upon the cat or flapper route, at least ensure that your makeup is on point.

To see more of Ekman's skilled handiwork, visit her Instagram

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