Get Ready for Star Wars Day at Red Rocket Tattoo

Get Ready for Star Wars Day at Red Rocket Tattoo

This awesome shop in NYC is devoting an entire day to Star Wars themed body art in honor of "Rogue One"

Countless people are in stitches waiting for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story's debut on December 16, and many members of the tattoo community are no different. 

There is a thriving niche in the world of body art devoted to giving tribute to the Star Wars universe. Tons of fans have portraits of all sorts of characters from the franchise tattooed on their bodies, some artists even specialize in this nerdy iconography. One such artist is tattooist Adam Guy Hays. He has produced numerous illustrations that draw their influence from the galaxy far, far away. 

To celebrate the latest release of the iconic franchise Hays and his Jedi loving coworkers are hosting a Star Wars day at their shop, Red Rocket Tattoo

The event will take place this weekend, on Saturday, December 10, from 12-8pm. Hays and his team will be tattooing oodles of Star Wars tattoos on a first-come first-serve basis. They will be working with an incredible variety of designs, over 140 of them, which feature figures such Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Stormtroopers in silly headwear, like cowboy hats, viking helmets, and more. They will also be offering a special for $77 Empire and Rebel logos. The shop's social media feed has been blowing up with people expressing excitement about the event, so the turnout will probably be large, so if you want to get in on what they're doing, perhaps come early in the day, especially if you want a tattoo to demonstrate your fandom.

Hays has been doing Star Wars tattoos for a long time now, and he's produced an astounding amount of them so far. While quite a few artists also make body art of characters from the movies, some of whom are even licensed by Lucasfilm, Hays' portraits from the series stand out because of how he humorously stylizes them. He's done everything from putting helmets on their helmets to illustrating Darth Vader as a samurai. All of his tattoo homages to the beloved sci-fi epic are as badass as they are nerdy. They all get two thumbs up, just like the one projected from the R2-D2 below. The force is strong with them. 

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Hit up Hays' Instagram if you want to see some of the designs that his team will be tattooing for their Star Wars Day event, and if you're around NYC this weekend and are also fanatical about the films, consider heading over to Red Rocket Tattoo and getting your own tattoo of your favorite character in a cool hat. 

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