Get Snap Happy With These Polaroid Photo Tattoos

Get Snap Happy With These Polaroid Photo Tattoos

Enjoy some tattoo inception with photographs of tattoos of photographs.

These days, when we want to capture a moment in time, we pull out our cell phones and snap a photo. Not so long ago, we had to finish a roll of film and send it off to get developed before we could see the results of the photographs. But, there was also a time when Polaroid cameras were popular. There was that instant gratification of taking a photograph, waiting just a few minutes and then being able to see the photograph. 

Alien and pyramids Polaroid tattoo by Jess Baker. #traditional #polaroid #photograph #ufo #pyramids #memory #memories #JessBaker

With cell phones, photographs have lost some of their magic. People take photos of anything and everything - the images are disposable and quite often get lost in cyberspace. It's funny, and a little sad, how times have changed. But, for those of you who ache for the good old days, you might enjoy these Polaroid photo tattoos. 

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Blackwork Polaroid tattoo by James Armstrong. #blackwork #minimalist #polaroid #postcard #photograph #JamesArmstrong

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