Get Spirited Away With These Studio Ghibli Tattoos

Get Spirited Away With These Studio Ghibli Tattoos

Totoro, Whisper of the Heart, Princess Mononoke...these Studio Ghibli tattoos show off some of our fave moments from our fave films.

The thing about Studio Ghibli films, and therefore Studio Ghibli tattoos, is that they are full of magic. The imaginative force behind Studio Ghibli as a studio is incredible, and when you hear the animators, writers, and the most well-known boss of it all, Hayao Miyazaki, talk about what they do and how much they invest emotionally and physically into their work, you can understand why their films are so powerful. Studio Ghibli tattoos are like tiny little moments captured from the films, and manga, that the powerhouse animation studio has produced. But what makes these characters and plots resonate so deeply with people from around the globe?

Perhaps its not only the magic of Studio Ghibli films, and the effort behind each release, but it's also that each plot is usually based on something really important. There is a huge philosophical or political background and foundation to almost all of the stories, especially if Hayao Miyazaki is behind it. He, in particular, is very passionate about spreading awareness when it comes to eco-politics, anti-war philosophies, and practices of kindness and love. You can tell how much he cares about nature and family, and many of the Studio Ghibli tattoos in this collection are in tribute to those very ideas!

Studio Ghibli tattoos celebrate so many things about Japanese culture that we love, in general. Otaku, a term for Japanese people who are super obsessed with anime and manga, and Kawaii, a term that means 'ultra cute' basically, are sort of part of the Studio Ghibli obsession. Kadama, the forest spirits so many people love in the Princess Mononoke film, are definitely super kawaii, but theres also deeper meaning here. The Japanese people have a lot of reverence for nature, and their are tons of ancient legends about the spirits that reside there!

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