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Get Tattooed in the Winter: Best Way to Beat Cold Weather Blues

Get Tattooed in the Winter: Best Way to Beat Cold Weather Blues

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Still believe winter is the wrong time to get tattooed? Think's actually smarter than you may realize!

Is winter a good time to get tattooed? Although a lot of people think summer is the perfect time to get tattooed, it's actually extremely inconvenient. Say goodbye to those pool parties and beach side hangs...while your new tattoo heals, you won't be partaking in any of that summertime fun. Which is why winter is the best time to get tattooed! In this neat lil' guide we talk about why those cold frosty days may actually be better than you think to book an appointment for your brand new ink.

Getting Tattoos Make Us Smile

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real thing...and even if you haven't been diagnosed with it, many people feel a bit down during winter. The lack of Vitamin D and all those golden rays of sun can definitely make you feel a little less than awesome...especially since moderate sun exposure actually does boost your serotonin level, which is considered the happiness hormone. So, what better way to beat the blues than treating yourself to a new tattoo? Getting a sweet kick of endorphins may help elevate your mood, and doing activities that you really love will always lift your spirits. It's the ultimate in self care!

Holiday Monaaaaayyyy!

Many cultures around the world celebrate a diverse set of holidays during the winter. Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year, Winter Solstice, Diwali, Las Posadas...there are tons of festivities to be had! And many of these celebrations include the tradition of giving and receiving gifts from our loved ones. Tattoos will always be a present that is appreciated...and if you aren't sure which studio your bff loves best, get them the sweet gift of cold hard cash. Maybe they'll finally get started on that sleeve they've been talking about for months! And, as the saying goes, "Give and you shall receive." We promise that whoever you gift a tattoo to will most certainly return the favour. Or maybe that cash your parents gave you for Xmas can be used for new ink instead of something's the same with tax refunds, right? It's only fair!

No Long Soaks in Swimming Pools

Unless you're one of those ultra fortunate people who has a jacuzzi in their backyard, you probably won't be taking a dip during the long winter months. As you may realize, this is one of the top things we do in the summer, and it's actually really bad for your tattoo in a number of ways. Bacteria in the water may be one thing you'll need to be aware of, but long exposure to moisture can disrupt the healing process of your new tattoo. And since chilly December isn't usually known for swimming or sweating under the sun, this is another really wise reason to get tattooed in the winter.

Hiding From Harmful Rays

For most people wintertime is a chance to break out those long sleeves and comfy coats. We like to call it "Leather Weather"....and everyone seems to look so sharp with their coordinated gloves, scarves and hats! Not only is it a time for fashion to come alive, it's also a time where, obviously, your skin doesn't get a whole lot of exposure to the sun. Those glittering golden rays may feel great, but it is incredibly damaging to tattoos, and skin in general....Especially if your tattoo is new, it's super important to take care. But, good news, in winter it doesn't really take any effort or second thought. You're covered. Literally.

Slow Season for Tattoo Studios

Because summer seems to be the hotspot for new ink, winter gets a bad wrap. But it's during those wintry weeks when tattoo studios are slower...which means less distractions for your tattoo artist, and a more private and personal experience just for you. When a tattooist is slammed in springtime, they may not be able to spend an extra hour on your custom tattoo just because. But you can guarantee that, if they're super slow this icy season, they may just end up spending a lil' extra time on your piece because why not? No worries. Not like they've got a line out the door. If that doesn't sound good to you, we don't know what will.

Settle In for Summertime ink looks great. But do you know what looks even better? Tons of healed tattoos that have settled in. Winter is the best time to get tattooed because it gives your skin an opportunity to heal. No gross flaky skin, no picking at your piece, and no looking like the trendy hipster dude who just picked up six new tattoos because it's the hawt things to do. You'll arrive to the beach with a bod that looks like it was born tatted up. And, as we mentioned, your healed tattoo will look even better because winter is the best restorative season for skin, naturally. No stress.

New Year New Me

For many people, the New Year is a time to put aside old habits, and old ways of thinking. Broadening your horizons, bringing light to new perspectives...breathing in that fresh glacial air will leave you feeling empowered to take on a brand new year, and a brand new you. Getting tattooed totally supports that. Tattooing is transformational! It gives you a way to express yourself! Plus, tattoos are often a way for people to memorialize big decisions in their life....after the first flush of New Year glee dissipates, your ink will help you remember how excited you were to get shit done. So, if you're looking to spice up your life, hit up a tattoo studio this winter to turn over a new leaf. We promise you'll be glad you did.

Some Like to Hide

Maybe you're a newbie to the tattoo community. Maybe you aren't ready to show your family your ink yet. Maybe your job just isn't inclined to embrace your new collection. Maybe you're just trying to get more comfortable with your body before you bare it to the world. Whatever your reason may be, many people like to be able to hide their tattoos. And, often, it just takes a few months to get used to it until you're ready to share your passion for tattoos with the world! Yet another reason why winter is the best time to get tattooed: easily hide all those new pieces from your grandma, your boss, your dad, random people on the street. That is, until you're ready to embrace this art form full throttle. Take as much time as you need...winter just makes it easier.

So there you have it. We hope you understand now why winter is king when it comes to collecting tattoos. From easily hiding your sensitive skin from those pesky rays of sun to simply making you smile during a bout of seasonal depression, think about taking a trip to your favorite tattoo studio or tattoo artist this time of year. Hit up our booking page to find the perfect fit.

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