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Get The Coolest Digits Around: Finger Tattoos

Get The Coolest Digits Around: Finger Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

Like icing on the cake, finger tattoos are some of the coolest pieces you can get on your body...especially if you're outa room!

While some people may be starting with their hands and working up, many people resort to hand and finger tattoos not only because they look seriously cool, but they've also just plain run outa room. The interesting things about finger tattoos is that you've only got so much space to work with, so it's a good time to get creative and see what you and your artist can come up with! There are a million different things you could get...and a million different ways you could get it done.

Finger tattoos, obviously, have a whole lot of history to them as well. Although ancient tribes have been donning their digits with ink, perhaps most iconic in Western history is the knuckle tattoo. Sailors in the 18th century were known to done their upper mid-digitals with "HOLD FAST", pretty good advice for those at sea amongst stormy waves...tattoos like this even made Hollywood history when Robert Mitchum's character in The Night of the Hunter wore "LOVE HATE" on his hands...there are many many four letter words...sometimes it's fun just to see what you can come up with. Punkers rock "HARD CORE", barbers "CUTS HAIR" lovers "DOGS RULE", motorcycle enthusiasts "BORN FREE".

And of course, if you're not into kicking it old school with text, this totally makes sense. Our tastes, philosophies and interests often change, and sometimes words are a bit too definitive. No need to fret, as you can see in this collection of finger tattoos there are tons of different ways to get creative with designs, space, and concepts. And, of course, we're here to help you find the artist and shop of your dreams! If you haven't checked out our app already, download it and be prepared to see the largest online directory of tattoo shops in the globe. 5 million people are using the app, how about you?

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