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Get Up and Grow: Plant Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

Get Up and Grow: Plant Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

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Tattoo of the Day examines the lush and flourishing trend of Plant Tattoos.

For whatever reason we've been seeing a whole lot of potted plant tattoos popping up on the skins of our friends all over the community, and we have to admit we freakin' love it! Plants and flowers have always been such good details to add to a tattoo, but these plant tattoos show they can certainly stand on their own as well. We take a look at the human love affair with the lush leafy world of foliage and we have to agree...the days of wallflowers are over as this collection of gorgeous plant tattoos prove!

The history of trying to collect and grow beautiful plants in captivity is a very interesting one, and dates back almost to the dawn of human history. From trying to cultivate herbs and flowers for healing or decoration, all the way to the present day obsession with orchids and succulents (something that has it's own fascinating history), it's clear that people have always felt an affinity and connection with floral friends. What's cool is that although some plants wilt and die, these incredible inked plant tattoos will last for a lifetime with very limited watering and sun!

We've also noticed that, in particular, people are super obsessed with the Swiss Cheese Plant. It may not sound familiar but two of the tattoos in this collection have this funny leafy love. Check out these plant tattoos and try to find the ones with large leaves that have curious holes all over their leafy little fronds. Perhaps its the name that makes people love these plants, or it could be that they just look kind of fun and goofy. In any case, people seem to be enamored with them and the Swiss Cheese Plant continues making appearances in incredible potted plant tattoos.

Written byTattoodo

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