Get You A Woman Who Can Do Both: Amy Savage's Various Animal Styles

Get You A Woman Who Can Do Both: Amy Savage's Various Animal Styles

Dotwork, black work, neo-traditional, illustrative — you name it, Savage can rock it.

We've written about Amy Savage before, expressly about her dotwork animals. Savage's animals are tender and lively, and she has a flair for multiple styles. We do love it when an artist has a thing, a look, a knack, but it's also great to see how someone can rock variety. Savage's cute beasties, regardless of how they're rendered, all have a lifelike quality to them, with glimmering eyes and subtle grins. 

Savage, in her neo-traditional work, has a classic painterly style. There's a tendency in neo-traditional to make bright colors look like they're air-brushed, but Savage is going for a more watercolor styling. Her color choices are bright but not too whacky, and compliment the animal's true colors, rather than exaggerate it. She manages to have a rich color palette without going so bright that our eyes cross.

Savage's artistry also shines through when she combines styles. This is a risk — sometimes this can look like a strange patchwork of tattoos all jumbled together. But with Savage, it works like a charm. The way she structures her art shines through despite the style. In other words, her drafting is so sound, the skeleton of her drawing so cultivated, that a dotwork shark can look like it's done by the same tattooist who rocked a full color neo-traditional fluffy squirrel.

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Savage's animals appear to be soft and glossy, while also stylized. Their fur fluffs and shines, and the various flora surrounding them either gently blends into the background, or glistens with its own light. Leopards clasp their paws daintily, bunnies offer their paws in a shake, and fox friends seem to be telling us gently, "Ssshh, we got you, gurl." Savage can really capture some true animal personalities, and it is wonderful. 

Seriously, get thee to Savage's Instagram. Her work is stupendous, and broad. You need your own fuzzy friend.

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