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Get Your Culture On With These Fine Art Tattoos

Get Your Culture On With These Fine Art Tattoos

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With these awesome Fine Art Tattoos you'll never have to visit a museum again if you don't want to.

Have you ever gone into a museum and felt completely out of place? Or overwhelmed, perhaps, by all the things the seem to be beyond your understanding? Sometimes its like...unless you know every single thing about art culture and art history you shouldn't even step foot inside an art gallery. But that's one of the many cool things about tattoos: they are totally inclusive, and anyone can get one...although there's certainly history to tattooing, you don't need to know it to get a tattoo. So, these fine art tattoos...although they definitely will resonate with art nerds out there, they should resonate with everyone because a lot of good art is all about reaching everyone and making everyone feel empowered.

Fine art tattoos come in many forms, as you can well see. From highly realistic, to watercolor goodness, and even just super weird Hieronymus Bosch pieces, fine art tattoos are awesome because, just like tattooing in general, there are so many different paintings, sculptures, and more that can be the exact image that perfectly emulates, visually, how you feel emotionally. All tattoos can do this...the cool thing about fine art tattoos is that although they are usually images of extremely expensive paintings that you'll never be able to afford, and maybe not even see in real life, instead of buying a cheapo print to hang on your can buy a fine art tattoo that hangs on your skin. Literally forever. 

These pieces will never be dusty, never get stolen (like so many famous paintings...), and they cost a fraction of the real deal. It's also totally incredible to find an artist who can either replicate a painting in stunning detail, or use it to make your own special piece. We hope these fine art tattoos inspire you as much as they did us. 

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