Get Your Dose Of Graphic Art With Xoil Tattoos

Get Your Dose Of Graphic Art With Xoil Tattoos

Stylish collages with engravings and stunning graphic effects.

The father of Photoshop-style tattoos is back and the new Xoil tattoos are gorgeous than ever.

Xoil is one of the leading names of graphic tattooing. The French tattoo artist is mixing creativity and humility (see our interview with him: Spotlight: Photoshop Style Tattoos By Xoil). Recently, he has settled in Switzerland, in Lausanne, at Dropin Shop

The recent Xoil tattoos are carrying on his experiments with collage. Realism, engraving, and blackwork are meeting science, mandalas, and graphic effects. The result is more stylish than ever. 

See more Xoil tattoos on his Facebook.

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