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Getting Fast and Furious with the Bubbly Cassie V

Getting Fast and Furious with the Bubbly Cassie V

NSFW2 min Read

You won't be able to get enough of Cassie V and her impressive irezumi-inspired tattoos.

Cassie who? You won't be asking who she is next time because this will definitely leave a mark on that part of your brain that often makes you kinda dumb around dazzling demigods like Cassie V. And if you share her love for Japanese and culinary arts, then you're going to be head over heels for this painted lady by the end of this. And no, you won't be hearing any pho-related jokes here, sorry. 

Cassie Trinh Vo is a 20-year-old international model and aspiring entrepreneur based in San Francisco, California. She's been around for quite a while now, working as a lifestyle model for a few years. The tattooed model also has a strong social media presence. She currently has almost 1M followers and 400k likes on Facebook, and 350k followers on Instagram who are mostly from the US, Australia, and Southeast Asia. You also gotta watch out for her tours — Cassie recently finished her Australian tour and is doing more shoots back in California.

She's not all about looks, though. Cassie has expressed her plans and aspirations to establish her own brand and put together a small business in the future; quite the lady boss.

I wouldn't even dream of trading her for any of the finest cars in the world. And no, those are tattoos, not bumper stickers; she's a woman, not a Ferrari, so take your obsolete wisecracks and misogynist arse with you on the way out.

Cassie V clearly loves her irezumi-inspired tattoos. She's currently got an arm and her whole back covered in mostly Japanese style tattoos in black and grey.

I think we can all agree that Cassie V can make even eating ramen look titillating.

Model Cassie V. (Photo by, via Instagram) #CassieV #CassieTrinhVo #tattoomodel #tattooedmodel #model #wcw #womancrush #gorgeous

When tattoos help define ‘less is more.’

Got us snapping our backs with her in a snapback.

How can she look so effortlessly sweet and sultry at the same time? I mean, really?

I'm seeing red. Go Bulls!

Model Cassie V. (Photo by, via Instagram) #CassieV #CassieTrinhVo #tattoomodel #tattooedmodel #model #wcw #womancrush #gorgeous

I hear the disgruntled sighs of some lads and ladies wondering if it's too late to reincarnate as one of the cupcake Cassie bit into.

Model Cassie V. (Photo by, via Instagram) #CassieV #CassieTrinhVo #tattoomodel #tattooedmodel #model #wcw #womancrush #gorgeous

Who can resist a cute girl in glasses? (The uber cute booty helps, too.)

Here she is encountering a fan at a hotel in California, looking bright-eyed despite 

Model Cassie V poses with a fan in LA. (Photo via Laurence Beetle on Instagram) #CassieV #CassieTrinhVo #tattoomodel #tattooedmodel #model #wcw #womancrush #gorgeous

She may be a total sweetheart in the streets...

But she ain't no saint in the sheets!

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Images from Instagram.

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When she's not writing for Tattoodo, Xavier likes experimenting with art and organizing local music shows. We're kidding, she's probably asleep. Follow her on Instagram @claudia_strife

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