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Ghost Hands: Grisly Blackwork Tattoos by HanBum Lee

Ghost Hands: Grisly Blackwork Tattoos by HanBum Lee

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It's all about hands — grisly, skinned and bound hands- with HanBum Lee's blackwork tattoos.

Get anatomical with HanBum Lee's small collection of macabre blackwork hands featuring skinned wrists, gnarled fingers, and hands bound by rope that will give you all the right kinds of chills and thrills. South Korean-based tattoo artist HanBum Lee (aka G.ghost Tattooer) might be making waves soon in blackwork. While he sticks to the run-of-the-mill dark themes in the classic style, he knows a way or two to keep things interesting and let his works do the talking for his name to scratch the surface. Blessed with an incredible eye for details, HanBum takes his grisly works up a notch as he murders each piece with his grayscale butchery. 

Blackwork tied hand tattoo by HanBum Lee. #HanBumLee #Gghost #blackwork #hand #macabre #gore #dark #tied #rope

But there's one recurring design from HanBum that really captured my full attention- his macabre blackwork tattoos of hands. Not just any regular hand, mind you, HanBum designs some gnarly hands which are often depicted as either skinned or bound. They are then illustrated with accurate anatomical features that will send chills down your spine.

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All images via Instagram.

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