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Gibbo's Neo-Traditional Portraits of Musical Icons

Gibbo's Neo-Traditional Portraits of Musical Icons

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This artist's love of music pours into his work as he creates portraits of musicians unlike any others.

It's amazing how many legends of the music industry we lost in 2016. David Bowie, Prince, and Leonard Cohen have all passed on to the other side and left a void in the world of music that will seemingly never be filled again. No one will ever be able to recreate their talent, creativity, or passion for the art, and the world is in a worse place now because of it. 

You see, these aren't your typical portraits. These stylized renderings bring out the very soul of each of these musicians. Look into the eyes of Tupac and you can Picture Him Rollin', as you giggle at Kurt Cobain's goofy hat you can't help but hear the opening riff of Smells Like Teen Spirit in the back of your head. Gibbo's portraits do such a great job at capturing each of his subjects that they practically move beyond being a purely visual representation. 

Gibbo has been doing a ton of traveling lately, taking his Neo-Traditional act on the road. While his Instagram bio says that he's stationed out of Oddfellows Tattoo Collective in Leeds, UK, he also posted a schedule of dates for his travels around the UK And Berlin.

Give Gibbo a follow on Instagram to make sure you know where he is traveling to next, and to see all of his awesome works.

Written byJoe

I'm Joe. I'm a comedian and writer from Baltimore. Follow me on Twitter @joewelkie

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