Gimme Gimme Gimme! Today's Best Tattoos in the Tattoodo App!

Gimme Gimme Gimme! Today's Best Tattoos in the Tattoodo App!

With today's look at some of the awesome tattoo artists in the Tattoodo App we hope to spark the need for new ink!

With Tattoodo's new booking feature out and about and connecting awesome clients with awesome tattooists, we thought it would be nice to do another spotlight on some of the great tattoo artists doing some of the best tattoos on our app! We love what these people are doing: dedicated to the art form that is tattooing, they consistently create incredible things that boggle our minds and fill us with the best eye candy out there. No matter what style you dig, we've got someone who can do it! But that's not all we've got...

We also make sure to support awesome tattoo blogs that are doing something special like Ink the Diaspora, we interview tons of special artists who stand out against the crowd like Shantel Liao, and we do event coverage not only to create killer videos, but also to fill you in if you can't make it! Never fear of missing out again: we're doing our best to cover the best conventions and tattoo art gallery shows in your city. We also have tons of super informative guides...everything from the history of Blackwork tattoos to whether or not you should get inked while pregnant. Seriously, Tattoodo wants to be the one spot that you can trust for all things tattoo...and so far, we think we've done a pretty good job of making sure that you can count on us!

Working together, we all build the culture that is tattooing! All the events, the cool films, the in depth articles and guides...everything. Because Tattoodo isn't just the place to find out what the bible says about tattoos, or where the heck tribal tattoos really come's also a place for collectors to find brand new, intensely talented tattoo artists to book for their next piece. It's a place for creators to show off their new work of art. It's even a place for fans of tattoos to exchange ideas, artists, and shops they love. 

That being said...we always want your input! It makes us better, and helps us create a community that you want to be a part of. As a small, super devoted team who just loves tattoos more than anything else, we're always trying to evolve and be the best of the best. So hit us up if you have questions, comments, or can't freakin figure out how to send your favorite found tattoo on the app to your bff's profile. We're pretty sure we've got all the answers, but if we don't...we promise we'll work on it until we do.

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From artists to collectors, from articles to guides, from inspo to booking your fave inksmith: Tattoodo is the one place you wanna be so you never miss out on any tattoo goodness again. We here at Tattoodo want you to be a part of this journey; we want you to not only love tattoos, but understand them more, respect them more, and be able to support them more. We couldn't do our dream work without you! And the same goes for tattoo artists and shops about the world. The tattoo community within the Tattoodo App is global and growing. We're having connections, and creating art, with awesome inspiring and influential people every single day. We hope you're a part of that, and we always want to hear from you if you feel we could develop or evolve further. Thank you for being a part of Tattoodo!

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