#GIRLBOSS: Alexandrea Anissa

#GIRLBOSS: Alexandrea Anissa

Vintage Inspired Handmade Lingerie from Designer Vanessa Villarreal

There are many reasons why one might consider themselves a purveyor of fine lingerie. For one, it’s just about as addictive as collecting tattoos, not to mention the “Oooooh...lacey” factor. Secondly, it’s actually just a really rad thing to collect. Think about it, how many people do you know that collect stamps or coins? Collecting lingerie is no different, except in that it’s infinitely cooler and is something that you might actually use, whereas collecting old coins is likely to result in a jingling heap under your bed. 

Aside from the cool factor, there’s also the amount of time and planning that goes into each piece. Larger brands like Victoria’s Secret or Fredericks of Hollywood produce things in mass quantity, and are sold with a huge markup price, whereas with fine, handmade lingerie the items are unique and generally available in a limited run (not to mention they’re bound to last you five times as long when given the proper care and attention). We’ve already introduced you to a few indie lingerie brands like Hopeless Lingerie as well as Julie K. Lingerie, but our new favorite is one we think you’ll definitely get a kick out of. Meet designer Vanessa Villarreal of Alexandrea Anissa.

With a background in fashion and design from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Francisco, California, the brand Alexandrea Anissa was born in 2013 during what Villarreal describes as a rough patch in her life. By focusing her efforts on creativity through design, Villarreal was able to channel her energy to create the first collection for Alexandrea Anissa. She says that her main goal, “is to help women feel beautiful, sexy, daring, strong and confident - to take the things that hurt and turn them into lovely treasures that other girls can cherish for years to come.”

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As with many designers, Villarreal often looks to the past for inspiration, calling on silhouettes of the 50’s for a vast majority of her designs. The overall aesthetic is a happy marriage between modern strappy designs, and vintage-inspired elegance. Favoring bright colors like pinks and reds, as well as bold floral patterns, Villareal’s designs are alive with unabashed femininity, designs that are intended to delight and inspire the wearer. 

It’s incredibly impressive that Villarreal has come this far in the short time span of just three years, considering she’s a one woman show, but it just goes to show that even the gloomiest of scenarios can result in something positive through hard work and undying perseverance.

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