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#GIRLBOSS: Vixen by Micheline Pitt

#GIRLBOSS: Vixen by Micheline Pitt

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Modern pin-up inspired duds for your inner Wanda Woodward

Stepping into parts of Southern California is like stepping back into the 1950s. There are certain buildings, landmarks, and people that will forever embody and romanticize the Cry Baby aesthetic of the era. Perhaps it’s something in the air, but places like the Beverly Hills Hotel and the Palladium have left a mark on Los Angeles that’s undeniable. Everywhere you turn, people are doing their best to emulate a John Waters character - spandex, leather, silk scarves and pin curls abound. What’s interesting though, is when pin-up-esque designers take this aesthetic and give it a modern spin by incorporating elements of today’s pop culture and feminism, and the brand that’s arguably doing this best is none other than Burbank, California based Vixen by Micheline Pitt.

Perhaps best known for her brief stint on America’s Next Top Model cycle 8, Pitt is equal parts model and designer. Working as a production manager for Pin-Up Girl clothing and later as designer for her own, now defunct, brand Deadly Dames, Pitt is no stranger to the fashion industry. Her newest creation Vixen still pays homage to those classic 1950s silhouettes, while simultaneously bringing it into the now, or as she puts it, “taking inspiration from 1950s bad girls, vintage esthetics and fetish flair [Vixen] is where we offer ‘Good Things for Bad Girls.’” 

True to the line’s roots, Vixen is made to flatter every woman’s figure with shapes that are both conscientious of curves, as well as those with more petite frames. In an interview with Pin Curl Magazine, Pitt says of her design process, “John Waters was always so good at creating unique and quirky characters, so I think I do that with clothing. I don’t think I push as far as he does, as I need it to be relevant and wearable, but I like to think I push past the basic wiggle dress.” Pitt’s line is available for purchase on her Etsy.

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