Girls Bite Back: Feminist Tattoos That Gives Absolutely No F***s

Girls Bite Back: Feminist Tattoos That Gives Absolutely No F***s

Put on your war paint (aka makeup) and get geared up with these fierce and fun tattoos in the name of girl power.

Riot grrrls and crash queens, this one's for you. Ready your heart eye emojis for these cute, honest, and fearless tattoos that will have you itching for some new ink. So call your local girl gang and spread the good news because these are the tattoos that definitely bite back.

First of all, can we stop dividing people with the word ‘feminist’ like it's an epidemic? Because anyone with half a mind should recognize that everyone, in the simplest terms, should have equal rights — nothing more, nothing less. Just start labelling people who don't believe in equal rights and opportunities for a certain sex as sexist regardless whether they're a man or a woman. End of discussion. This is why art which raises awareness for these kinds of things is so important. 

There's so much more to talk about such as the topics of consent, the Free the Nipple movement, and how uncomfortable bras are, but for now let's enjoy these precious tattoos that will get you in the spirit of girl power!

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Singer Brooke Candy Home Alone movie-inspired parody tattoo is gold.

Buffy is still kicking ass in '16.

That's how all girls feel like when the dreaded cramps come to visit tbh. And it can happen any day of the month, mind you. 

If only all scepters were as cool as Sailor Moon's!

Living the cat mommy life.

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