GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS: 11 Sassy Ladies by Rachie Rhatklor

GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS: 11 Sassy Ladies by Rachie Rhatklor

Prepare to marvel at a collection of lovely traditional lady heads and pinups by this talented tattooist.

The skilled Australian tattoist Rachie Rhatklor has a penchant for illustrating lady heads and pinups with serious attitude. Whether in black and grey or in color, all of her ladies are both beautiful and brazen. Though they are staunchly traditional, she flavors them in a way that makes them seem more like vibrant characters than simply tattoos of gorgeous women. The majority of them are straight up sexy, too, wearing lingerie or nothing but a set of bunny ears. 

While she is working with a well known motif within traditional tattooing, Rhatklor's ladies have a few features that make them stand out as hers. The narrowness of their big, almond-shaped eyes, for instance, gives them a signature glare. Being the stylist that she is, she also likes to play with their hair styles, giving some of them long braids or pigtails and others' buns. The way she illustrates their hands as having long and pointy painted nails is also notable. They must all go to the same salon for their mani pedis.

Another aspect that we adore about her lady heads and pinups is how Rhatklor dresses them up for various occasions. Her girls look great when wrapped in furs or sporting sexy nightwear. On that note, it seems as if she has a special spot in her heart for Playboy Bunnies. Even the lady holding a rabbit seems to reference these real-life centerfolds. Furthermore, some of her best tattoos of women are those who have animal accompaniments like peacocks, snakes, and wildcats. She even does themed illustrations of them as seen in her tattoo of a genie and pioneer woman. 

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Rhatklor works out of Blacktide Tattoo in Collingwood, Victoria and can be contacted at if you one one of her lady heads or pinups of your own. If you're just in the mood to see more of Rhatklor's beautiful body art, head over to her Instagram.

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