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Combining black and grey with neo-traditional, she creates some of the most complex ladies we've ever seen.

Boston often goes unrecognized for its contributions to both art and culture, but truth be told it’s one of the lesser known cultural hubs. There’s a whole slew of relatively unknown artists, musicians, and the like that call Boston their home, one of our favorites being tattoo artist Amanda Abbott. An artist at Brilliance Tattoo in Allston, Massachusetts — one of Boston’s many neighborhoods — Abbott has been tattooing since 2009. Truth be told, she’s one of the most versatile artists we’ve ever seen. Specializing in neo-traditional work, her portfolio covers everything from flora to fauna as well as the occasional fine lined black and grey piece, but we really want to turn our focus on to the way she has blended the two styles together to create something truly unique. 

Influenced by Victorian era portraits, Abbott’s women are the picture of beauty. Characterized by their exceptional blend of fine lined black and grey and neo-traditional qualities, Abbott’s ladies often take on religious undertones, specifically the veiled woman crying who bears similar qualities to the Virgin Mary. Stylistically speaking, Abbott’s ability to seamlessly pair fine lined black and grey work with neo-traditional is astounding. By reserving the faces of the women for her black and grey work, Abbott is able to bring a sense of depth, detail, and emotion that neo-traditional could not. Likewise, the neo-traditional costuming of her ladies brings an unparalleled beauty and softness that the black and grey work could only aspire to. Together they create a beautiful medley of style that’s both innovative and inspired.

Abbott is without a doubt one of the most talented artists in Boston, but if you’re trying to schedule an appointment with her, or any of the other lovely ladies of Brilliance Tattoo, be sure to check out their booking process on their website. Abbott, along with all of the wonderful artists at Brilliance, is a completely custom tattoo artist, resulting in longer wait times. But rest assured, the wait is 100% worth it.

Alex Wikoff
Written byAlex Wikoff

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