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GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS: Beautiful Neo-Traditional Ladies by Miss Juliet

GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS: Beautiful Neo-Traditional Ladies by Miss Juliet

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These lady heads have a gorgeous glow to them.

It's time to have your heart stolen again with more lovely lady tattoos. This time we're looking at Miss Juliet's neo-traditional busts of beautiful women. Her highly stylized lady heads, whether in black and grey or colored, have a timeless elegance to them. Their earthy color palettes and soft shading gives them a warm afterglow. So, get ready, because each one of these brilliantly illustrated ladies will take away your breath and leave you wanting more. 

It's difficult to decide whether Juliet's ladies look better in black and grey or color, but that's okay because she's such a prolific tattooist that we can just have our cake and eat it, too. The fine details of some of their features is straight up astonishing. The rich texturing of their hair, for instance, is simply exquisite, and we are especially charmed by the way she illustrates these ladies' noses, sometimes drawing a single line (a signature touch of hers) down them, over their lips, and across their chins. Their eyes, however, are the most entrancing part. They make it hard not to stare.

Our favorite aspect of Juliet's lady heads is definitely the way she accessorizes them. The ones draped in jewelry — necklaces, earrings, broaches, and even tiaras — illustrate her knack for bodily adornment. She also has a penchant for putting flowers in her ladies' hair. Her tattoos of ravishing women with animal accompaniments are some of the most captivating. They're so pretty that the birds and butterflies can't stay away, and we've heard that their looks are so good they can even charm snakes.

Grief has never looked so good in this lady head by Miss Juliet (IG— m1ss_juliet). #color #ladyhead #MissJuliet #neotradition #roses

If you'd like to get tattooed by Juliet, she works at Seven Seas Tattoo in Eindhoven, Netherlands, or if you're just in the mood to gaze upon more of her breathtaking ladies, head over to her Instagram.

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