GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS: Claudia Ducalia

GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS: Claudia Ducalia

Fine artist Claudia Ducalia takes on some beautiful neo-traditional ladies

In recent years, the tattoo community has seen a trend of fine artists trying their hand at tattooing, and when the two worlds collide, something magical happens. Artist Claudia Ducalia’s work is one of the best examples of this, taking elements of fine art, with its delicate intricacies, layered colors, and refined subject matter, and applying them to tattoos. While her work deals with a multitude of subjects like flora, fauna, and various aspects of nature, her true strength, much like in her fine art, lies in her ability to create multi-faceted ladies. With tiny, bird like features, absolutely stunning details that only add to the character, and reinventions of old classics, Ducalia’s work is a breath of fresh air.

Favoring the neo-traditional style, Ducalia’s tattoo work is more or less a variation on her fine art, which deals heavily with bewitching women. Through beautiful use of costuming, she creates fearsome ladies. Her Medusa, tendrils entwined with snakes, and dripping in jewels, evokes a sense of sophistication, and her pirate woman, whose bold hat, perfectly rouged cheeks, and meta tattoos bring a sense of  ferocity. Our favorite technique Ducalia employs, however, is her ability to reinvent a classic. 

The sun and moon motif has long since been a popular subject in the tattoo community, but Ducalia’s version is not only innovative, it’s downright magical. Using two halves of a woman’s face, Ducalia splits the sun and moon into two distinct personas: the sun, which boasts fiery red hair, and whose tendrils spring forth in a way that mimics the hot rays of the sun, and the moon, whose lunar coloring radiates femininity, while her curls splay in a crescent shape. Together, the two make a whole day — an equal and opposite day and night.

Last, but certainly not least, Ducalia’s beautiful understanding of color is what sets her neo-traditional work apart from the rest. Using bright jewel tones, Ducalia adds a level of depth that solidifies her status as both a fine artist and tattoo artist. While she works primarily out of Mater Medusa Tattoo in Rome, Italy, her fine artwork does sometimes travel the world over, but we’re pretty positive the trip to Rome would be well worth the time, as Ducalia’s tattoos are absolutely magical.

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