GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS: Ebony Mellowship

GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS: Ebony Mellowship

Neo-traditional ladies dressed up in the finest of regalia.

There are a lot of lovely depictions of women in the world of tattoos, but few lady heads and pinups are quite as adorned as Ebony Mellowship's neo-traditional beauties. Not only are her babes bodacious, but she heavily embellishes them with all sorts of costumes, jewelry, and other thematic accompaniments to make them some of the flashiest and most outspoken tattoos of sexy ladies out there. So, take your seat for fear of swooning, because here's a beauty pageant's worth of her alluring girls.  

Mellowship employs the standard variation in line weights and heavily saturated and carefully graduated coloration that classifies the style, but with her work, the devil is very much so in the details. The facial features of her illustrations of beautiful women, for instance, are like no others in the tattoo scene right now. The way the she boldly pronounces their eyebrows and noses makes them stand out in her own unique way. Some of her mermaids even have fins for eye lashes.

Though their looks are to die for, the way Mellowship clothes and surrounds her ladies with numerous accessories is what makes them truly exceptional. When working in large scale, she envelopes her lady heads and pinups with virtually all of nature — bees (for which she seems to have a particular affinity), birds, flowers, seashells, snowflakes, spiderwebs, and more. She has a knack for giving her gals a stunning sense of fashion, as seen in her lady wearing a wolf's head as well as the one wearing hardly anything at all. She also seems to enjoy illustration mythological ladies, as seen in her signature mermaid head and the depiction of Deer Woman below. 

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A depiction of the deadly Deer Woman by Ebony Mellowship (ebony_mellowship). #DeerWoman #EbonyMellowship #ladyheads #pinups #neotraditional

If you want to fall in love at first sight with more of Mellowship's jaw-dropping neo-traditional lady heads and pinups, pay a visit to her Instagram. She tattoos at Southwest Tattoo in Bunbury, West Australia 

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