Girls Girls Girls: Femme Fatale Lady Heads by Emily Rose Murray

Girls Girls Girls: Femme Fatale Lady Heads by Emily Rose Murray

12 Soulful and Bewitching Neo-traditional Ladies

You can never go wrong with a neo-traditional lady head. Stylistically flawless and built to last, with personalities as vast and varied as the colors that they’re comprised of, neo-traditional babes are some of the finest ladies around. Australian based artist Emily Rose Murray’s soulful ladies are both dangerous and beautiful.

Based out of Melbourne, Australia, Murray has been her girls for years, a fact that’s apparent in the precision, detail, and depth of each of her pieces. Romantic ladies adorned with jewels, bones, flowers, and the occasional familiar, Murray’s women are bewitching femme fatales. With subdued eyes and and an elegance that transcends the skin, her works pull you in closer, in a way that only a true Delilah ever could. Murray’s works are dark masterpieces.

You can see more of Murray's bewitching women here.

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