GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS: Painterly Illustrative Ladies by Zihae

GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS: Painterly Illustrative Ladies by Zihae

This Korean artist's work is like something out of a storybook.

Zihae is a Korean artist tattooing out of Reindeer Ink who — believe it or not — is also an extremely talented illustrator. Seems odd, because you would NEVER be able to tell this by looking at her tattoos.... 

Just kidding. They're pretty much fucking identical. Crazy, right? 

Zihae's illustrations and tattoos share the exact same distinct qualities-you know, besides that the former are made on paper with ink and the latter are jabbed into skin with a needle. But other than that... they're exactly the same.

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Often portraying whimsical fairy-esque girls (and yes, sometimes boys too, but who run the world?) she uses sketchy lines to create the most adorable little rosy, flushed cheeks and shiny lil' button noses complimented with wispy hair and wide set, doll-like eyes. Soft pops of color accent each detailed black line to create the most delicate little narrative within each single tattoo. This is the stuff dreams are made of. 

We can't get enough of Zihae's work, and kinda feel like you won't be able to either. Check out her Instagram to keep up with her latest work, both tattoos and fine art. She's also on Facebook

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