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GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS: Shannon Elliott

GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS: Shannon Elliott

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Judging from her impeccable work it is impossible to believe that this artist is still quite new to the industry.

Tattoo artist Shannon Elliott is one of those amazing rarities that was instilled with so much raw talent that it's downright unfair. Instead of going through her share of growing pains — not to mention the all-too-common awkward phase — Elliott managed to strike gold after only two years as an artist. The work she is producing is exquisite and we can't help but envy the buckets of pure skill she has shown thus far.

Tattooing out of Vancouver, Canada, Elliott works out of Black Medicine Tattoo which also happens to be home to artists like Rebecca DeWinter and Katie So. Creating predominantly black ink illustrative tattoos her work is similar to that of her peers in regards to darker, more subdued subject matter, but Elliott undoubtedly makes it her own. Favoring women, flora, and fauna as her subject matter, Elliott's tattoos often incorporate the idea of a strong female figure, whether it be physically or emotionally. 

Elliott has also been known to lend her talents to other mediums as well. Most recently, she’s collaborated with Vancouver based jewelry designer Ali Munn to create a capsule collection of tattoo inspired signet rings and necklaces. Cast in sterling silver or bronze, the collection features two designs: a snake wrapped around a palm tree, and a weeping heart. Something to consider if you find yourself nowhere near the general vicinity of Vancouver, and longing for some of her art. Otherwise, we’re pretty positive the trek to the west coast or the wait for her to travel will be well worth it.

Alex Wikoff
Written byAlex Wikoff

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