GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS: The Simplistic, Elegant Ladies of Lydia Marier

GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS: The Simplistic, Elegant Ladies of Lydia Marier

Thirteen Leading Ladies Looking Lethal

There’s something about black tattoos that evoke a sense of intensity that color just can’t live up to. That’s not to say that color tattoos aren’t beautiful, they are, but there’s something about black ink tattoos that’s just undeniably foreboding, sensual and mysterious. As we all know, lady head tattoos are some of the most expressive pieces imaginable, so when you combine the two, the results are hauntingly beautiful.

Artist Lydia Marier of Oly Anger Tattoo in Montreal, Canada, is creating stunningly beautiful lady head tattoos by combining illustrative elements with tidbits of pop art influences. With references to pop art and comic books, namely the four color process inspired dots that freckle the lips of Marier’s beauties, she creates an intensity that’s rarely seen in tattoos. Referencing historic women like Marie Antoinette, and Frida Kahlo, Marier also creates Bond-inspired babes that seem to carry an imminent threat of danger with them. Flanked by daggers, serpents, and silhouettes that resemble a horned devil, her women are absolutely entrancing, as is her talent.

You can see more of Marier’s work on her Instagram.

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