GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS: The Unique Ladies of Valeria Marinaci

GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS: The Unique Ladies of Valeria Marinaci

Do whatever you wanna do, just do it with sass, class, and style.

There are a lot of illustrations of ladies in this world, in this universe, perhaps even throughout multiple dimensions and beyond. We all love to pay homage to strong, bad-ass, cunning women. Sometimes we're paying homage to the same kind of ladies — biker chicks, circus freaks, murderesses and mothers alike. But sometimes we take a hard turn, and the ladies we're honoring look like no others we've ever seen.

Enter Valeria Marinaci. Based out of Higgins and Co Tattoo in Eastbourne, England, Marinaci has a daintiness, a refinement, to her line work that takes her ladies to a whole new level. 

Working in fine lines and dot work, Marinaci has a way with women. They look like they've been lifted right out of a classic storybook, like something our moms would read to us before bed if we'd all be born in the mid-70s. Their hair has unique detail, and their storybook faces are tender and specific.

Marinaci manages to tell a story with each and every lady. The patterns of their dresses and various outfits are all very detailed, and their soulful eyes all have something to say. Some of Marinaci's women gaze tenderly out at us, while other's have entire scenes within their torsos. Some of these scenes look like our tattoos of ladies are also tattooed, while others create a sort of window into a whole 'nother world. 

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Marinaci's varying line weight also provides a sort of collage style to her ladies. Tiny flowers have the same weight and depth of an eye or a shoulder, making them pop along finer weights of hair and clothing. Stippled blushing cheeks, stippled shadows, stippled waves — Marinaci's style provides a simplicity while also being incredibly complex. Your eyes are never bored.

Wander over to Marinaci's Instagram for some more dainty dotwork. Her ladies are wonderful, but her whole portfolio is a dream. She also sells prints of her women over at her online shop.

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