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Give Us Iced Coffee or Give Us Death

Give Us Iced Coffee or Give Us Death

Tattoo Ideas2 min Read

It’s summer, and coffee should be iced. Here are some iced coffee tattoos to quench your thirst.

We’ve talked about coffee and coffee makers here before, even gone so far as to hail the corporate overlords over at Dunkin Donuts. But it’s summertime, and we want to level with you about a specific type of iced coffee — cold brew.

We also want to make sure we drink as much coffee as possible now, right now, because with the way the world is going, we don’t know how much longer our beloved coffee bean (and uh, ice) will survive. So, we’re going gourmet — we’re super into the trendiest form of coffee right now, and that’s cold brew.

Cold brew does next to none of this. After grinding beans, you submerge your coffee grounds (free floating if you’re a wild man, in a mesh cylinder or tea bag if you’re more tame) in cold water, pop that puppy in the fridge, and wait. The longer you wait, the stronger the brew — most recipes call for 12 hours, but we’re down with eight. You perform this coffee ritual before bed and you wake up to coffee that’s a) less acidic, and b) stronger.

So, get on the right bandwagon this summer, and get yourself some cold brew coffee. It’s become so standard in America now, you can even find premade cold brew in cans at your local cornerstore. Immerse yourself entirely in this beautiful coffee magic, and admire some iced coffee tattoos while you’re at it.

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