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Glenn Cuzen's Intricate Ornamental Tattoos

Glenn Cuzen's Intricate Ornamental Tattoos

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These geometric tattoos are perfectly placed, remarkably detailed, and one of a kind.

Glenn Cuzen has made a name for himself thanks to a killer one-two punch — intricate designs and a knack for perfect placement. 

Cuzen's ornamental work would be beautiful just about anywhere on the body, but it is his innate sense for working with the client's form and shape that sets his work apart from the crowd. Specializing in ornamental and mandala work, Cuzen's tattoos are simply flawless. 

One of his most remarkable tattoos is a body suit on none other than his wife, Jade (see below). The centerpiece of her body suit is a swirling optical illusion that rattles the brain if you stare at it for too long. The tattooist's brilliant use of negative space throughout his work gives it a sense of gravity. 

Often mandala and ornamental tattoos will be simply blackwork, but Cuzen often uses color to help accent his pieces. It's amazing what a difference a little bit of red or pink can make, these flashes of color help bring out the subtle details of the stippling and negative space used throughout the work. 

In addition to the ornamental tattoos that have made him a household name, Cuzen will also dabble in black and grey and the occasional Japanese-inspired piece, showing that he truly is a master of his craft. 

Cuzen tattoos out of Top Gun Tattoos in Reading, UK. You can follow his work on his Instagram. 

Written byTattoodo

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