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Global Connectivity: Interview with Tattoo Artist Jones Larsen

Global Connectivity: Interview with Tattoo Artist Jones Larsen

Tattoo Artists8 min Read

In this interview with tattoo artist Jones Larsen, he talks about his passions, evolving as an artist and why the Tattoodo App rules.

A genius at mashing up styles, creating his own, or replicating our favorites works of ancient fine art, Jones Larsen is the type of tattoo artist everyone can count on for a special experience and a piece that they'll love for a lifetime. Working out of his shop Lacuna Tattoo in central Copenhagen, surrounded by the exciting buzz of shops, cafe's and friendly bars, Jones is well known in the area for his positive outlook on life and wonderful craftsmanship. 

Let's go back seven years. You’ve found your passion about art. How did you get into being a tattoo artist specifically? 

Speaking of the tattoo industry, who are your heroes and inspirations? 

What would you say is your style?

I know you’re a basketball player, so I wanted to ask how the sports culture and tattoo culture have intersected in recent years. How do you see the two coming together? 

Why do you think the Tattoodo app is important for artists? Give us your thoughts on Tattoodo Pro and how it’s helped your business? 

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