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Go Hakuna Matata On These Heartwarming Lion King Tattoos

Go Hakuna Matata On These Heartwarming Lion King Tattoos

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Be the “pride” of the lion's pride with majestic Lion King tattoo dedicated to the well-loved Disney film.

Lion King is one of the most tear-jerking films Disney ever made that hit close to home. Taking place in the gorgeous land of Tanzania, it was a beautiful tale about family, friendship, and rising above all odds... 

It's the type of film you grew up watching and you know you'll end up watching with your kids someday. You know you cried in the scene where Simba lost his father Mufasa in the stampede, laughed with Timon and Pumba, and cheered when Simba took back the throne that was rightfully his. These fans all did too and got a Lion King tattoo to show their lion pride. Hear them roar! 

This one isn't exactly a Lion King tattoo, rather an imagined Harry Potter version of the famous Rafiki holding up Simba scene. Love it. Speaking of Harry Potter, check these magical Hogwarts-approved tattoos:

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