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Going Strong Since 1910: Kewpie Doll Tattoos

Going Strong Since 1910: Kewpie Doll Tattoos

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Who knew Kewpie Dolls had such a long history?! These Kewpie Dolls tattoos are a hats off to Rose O'Neill, originator of the Kewpie cutie.

As you've probably noticed, Kewpie tattoos are a huge piece of popular culture, and are therefore inextricably linked with tattoos. And believe it or not, these cuties have been around since 1910. Thanks to Rose O'Neill, an artist and poet, we have Kewpie tattoos...she created the adorable characters in a comic strip that started running in 1909. As they soared to the heights of popularity, that they still enjoy today, a German bisque doll company approached O'Neill, and doll production started in 1912. Kewpie tattoos actually started showing up pretty much as soon as the comic strip was published...

Kewpie's were usually naked, an endearing quality considering their absolute child cherub being. However, in the 1920's the dolls were soon being created as cowboys, soldiers, and musicians! Even now, as you can see in our Kewpie tattoo collection, people are getting pretty creative these days...And while Kewpie tattoo flash can be seen in the books of Percy Waters and Milton Zeis, in the 1960's or so, Kewpie tattoos fell out of fashion. Many tattooers thank Mike Malone for bringing the cuties back into the limelight...known for his creative designs and sense of humor, Mike Malone used Kewpie tattoos to link contemporary and traditional tattooing culture.

It's moments like these that we like to take our hats off to the deep connectivity of almost all art forms, pop culture, and historical references...society continues to create, and it shows up on our skin, on our clothes, and every other place you can think of. It's also really cool how things like Kewpie tattoos basically transcend time and place...they are a historical reference you can carry with you everywhere! We hope you enjoy these Kewpie tattoos, and if you have one yourself: send it on over! We wanna check it out! Upload it to our app, and make sure you tag it with #kewpietattoo!

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