Goldfinch Tattoos That Will Make You Chirp With Joy

Goldfinch Tattoos That Will Make You Chirp With Joy

We take a look at a popular choice for state birds and discover a new favorite website

I grew up in Iowa and I live in New Jersey, two highly disparate places. But they do undeniably have one thing in common – the goldfinch is the state bird. Whether this comes down to a lack of creativity or the fact that goldfinches kick insurmountable amounts of ass, I do not know. But I do know that there are some really beautiful goldfinch tattoos out there. So let’s all become amateur ornithologists for a minute and take a look at the goldfinch.

Now, admittedly I don’t know shit about goldfinch. This is normally the point in the article which I turn to Wikipedia, but they’ve been asking me for money lately and I feel guilty as fuck that I use them in my professional life and I won’t be donating. Luckily, I can just hit up the Wikipedia of birds – the Audobon Field Guide to North American Birds.

According to the guide, the American goldfinch can be found in every state in the continental US and across Canada. They live on a diet of mostly seeds, but will eat small amounts of all sorts of other bird goodies such as weeds, grasses, bids, bark, and insects.

They nest mainly in deciduous trees no more than 30 feet off the ground. Their nests are well-constructed and many have the ability to hold water, which seems like a great way for baby birds to drown in a rainstorm. On average, the female goldfinch will lay four to six eggs and both sexes will help foraging food for the young. That’s so cool!

The Audobon website is amazing! The page for goldfinch has all sorts of sound clips of goldfinches that I’m currently using to drive my dog crazy. They also have links for American goldfinches in the news and an “explore similar birds” section. This just might be my new favorite website. Suck it, Wikipedia.

Now, onto the the goldfinch tattoos. All of these pieces illustrate a slice of the magnificent beauty that can be found in nature. Truly, these are some of the prettiest birds out there and it makes sense why Iowa and New Jersey can agree on something.

Don’t these sick goldfinch tattoos just make you want to waste the rest of your workday learning about birds? Boy, have I got a website for you…

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