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Goldfinch Tattoos That Will Make You Chirp With Joy

Goldfinch Tattoos That Will Make You Chirp With Joy

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We take a look at a popular choice for state birds and discover a new favorite website

I grew up in Iowa and I live in New Jersey, two highly disparate places. But they do undeniably have one thing in common – the goldfinch is the state bird. Whether this comes down to a lack of creativity or the fact that goldfinches kick insurmountable amounts of ass, I do not know. But I do know that there are some really beautiful goldfinch tattoos out there. So let’s all become amateur ornithologists for a minute and take a look at the goldfinch.

According to the guide, the American goldfinch can be found in every state in the continental US and across Canada. They live on a diet of mostly seeds, but will eat small amounts of all sorts of other bird goodies such as weeds, grasses, bids, bark, and insects.

Don’t these sick goldfinch tattoos just make you want to waste the rest of your workday learning about birds? Boy, have I got a website for you…

Servo Jefferson
Written byServo Jefferson

servo is a writer based in the tri-state area, though he is unsure what the third state actually is. when not writing about tattoos, servo runs a small record label, goes on countless tours and adventures, and enjoys putting together Japanese model kits of robots. the texture of Styrofoam makes him want to vomit.

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