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Gooble Gobble One of Us! Creepy and Cute Clown Tattoos

Gooble Gobble One of Us! Creepy and Cute Clown Tattoos

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Circus freaks and cuties unite under the big top for this collection of fun clown tattoos.

We're not sure how many people will get the super creepy title of our collection of clown tattoos today, but just in case you're not in the know just go ahead and use your favorite search engine to find "gooble gobble". If you haven't seen the film Freaks, and you're also a fan of clown tattoos and can't seem to get enough of the big top circus life...definitely sit down and check it out. It's super freaky, just like the name suggests. Most people think that old movies are lame, but let this one change your mind.

Were you the kid that dreamed of running away to the circus? At one point we saw Cirque de Soleil and it blew our freakin minds. Stilt walkers, hilarious clowns, acrobats, people who could bend their bodies into the weirdest contortions, aerial and ribbon dancers...not to mention the costumes, the lights, and everyone smiling, laughing all in one place. If we got a clown tattoo, it would definitely be Cirque de Soleil themed. That crew definitely know how to put on a super surreal and gorgeous show. There wasn't one moment we looked away...not one moment we weren't totally enthralled and inspired.

For whatever reason we love these sad and smiley clown tattoos...maybe its nostalgia, maybe its just funny or freaky...but we dig it. We're glad there are people out there who may not get the same tattoos we would get because that would be hella boring. Maybe these clown tattoos aren't your thang, but we're sure that tomorrow will bring another sweet themed tattoo collection just to keep you inspired. And if you haven't already, check out our app. It has an insane archive of awesome images, incredible artists you can book directly, and sweet videos to get stoked for your next piece.

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