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Good Things Come in Pairs: Matching Tattoos

Good Things Come in Pairs: Matching Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

This collection of matching tattoos is a little different, but it proves that great things do come in pairs!

It may be totally cliche to say, but good things dooooo come in pairs. Like socks. And eyes. And burgers and fries. Peanut butter and jelly. Toothbrushes and toothpaste...toilets and toilet paper. See, there are just some things that come in pairs...and that's a really good thing!! For today's collection of matching tattoos, we brought together a few pieces that people got together, some that are on different body parts, but obviously still part of the same design, and even a couple that couldn't really...not be in a pair, ya know? Sometimes it's these little things, design-wise, that help make a tattoo great!

So, we've got the cutest little pinky swear pieces by Vanessa which are obviously on two different people...probs the usual thing you think of when getting a matching tattoo, is getting it with someone else. But then we also have Nemo's adorable characters from Beatrix's Peter Rabbit stories, each on their own forearm of the same person. This is such a fun and interesting way to have the illustrations in conversation with each already know that spacing a design is an important aspect to tattooing!! We also have Jason Ochoa's Payaso masks...these almost always come in pairs, because they symbolize the sentiment "Smile Now, Cry Later", as most people agree, you can't really have the bad without the good, right? Hence the balance of the dramatic arts masks.

We love matching tattoos anyway...especially since, if you travel often or even not at all, it helps you remember the people in your life you have such a special connection with that you want to wear them on your skin forever. And if your matching tattoo is actually...just with yourself, a cool piece that comes in a pair, well then we say: hell yeah! Tattoos should be about exploring and inspiring...creating new things for yourself and others to enjoy!

Written byTattoodo

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