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Good Times: 8 London Tattoo Artists You Must Know

Good Times: 8 London Tattoo Artists You Must Know

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I want to introduce you to one of the finest tattoo studios in London... Good Times Tattoo.

These exceptional tattooists are working in one of the best studios in the UK's capital. Ready? Let the good times roll...

Painting by Nikole Lowe #nikolelowe #painting #flowers

In the heart of trendy Shoreditch, London, sits a buzzing studio which is home to eight different tattoo artists, including Nikole Lowe who starred in the TV show 'London Ink'.

Nikole owns and runs the studio and works alongside these seven talented artists, who all have completely different styles and specialties.

1. Nikole Lowe

2. Nick Horn

Japanese sleeve by Nick Horn #NickHorn #japanese #sleeve

3. Piotrek Taton

Realism black and grey skull tattoo by Piotrek Taton #PiotrekTaton #skull #realism #realistic #blackandgrey

4. Hannah Keuls

5. Matt Black

More Bold Pattern Tattoos by Matt Black

6. Harriet Hapgood

7. Boshka Grygoriew-Alvy

8. John Peeler

An Interactive Tour Guide of Tattooed Paris

Good Times Tattoo London #goodtimestattoo #london #tattoostudio (Photo: Facebook page)

If you're in London and unsure where to head for a new tattoo... now you know! Find out more about Good Times Tattoo and the artists on the studio website.

Written byRebecca

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