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Good-Looking Portraits of Ladies and Gentlemen by Holly Ellis

Good-Looking Portraits of Ladies and Gentlemen by Holly Ellis

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

Black and bold traditional portrait tattoos by Holly Ellis- owner and tattoo artist at Idle Hands Tattoo SF.

If you love traditional style tattoos but are also into portrait tattoos- let Holly Ellis do the work for you!

Holly Ellis is the owner and tattooer of Idle Hands Tattoo, SF, and she specializes in traditional tattoos as well as traditionally-rendered bold, black portraits that are classy and timeless. She can effortlessly fuse traditional and portrait style, which is characterized as bold and long-lasting. It is because these tattoos are supported by strong black outlines and the right amount of shading for it to hold more than a washed-out portrait tattoo normally would.

For more tattoo inspiration, follow her on Instagram.

Written byminerva

Hi! My name’`s Minnie, writer & Tattooer at Good Hand Tattoo Philippines. We specialize in creating All-original and Custom-designed Traditional tattoos. Please show your support by following our page on Facebook :-)

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