Gorgeous Blackwork Rose Tattoos by Matty D'Arienzo

Gorgeous Blackwork Rose Tattoos by Matty D'Arienzo

Matty D'Arienzo's blackwork roses are some of the most robust flowers in the world of tattoos.

If you thought that all rose tattoos, by their very nature, make for girly body art, think again. Matty D'Arienzo makes traditional style blackwork roses that tear this popular misconception up by its roots. His approach to the style is resoundingly outspoken, consisting of broad, steady lines and large swaths of dense black shading. Though his roses have a more masculine appearance than most, he still captures the inborn grace of their real-life counterparts, making his blossoms both gorgeous and bold. 

One of the most striking qualities of D'Arienzo's tattoos are their lines. Few traditional tattooists employ lines quite as heavily as the ones he uses to shape his designs. His pronounced linework gives a commanding presence to all of the imagery that he creates. His approach to shading has a similar effect. The way he fully saturates the majority of figures makes even the negative space in them stand out. To put it bluntly, his dark body art is the epitome of boldness.

D'Arienzo's black roses are one of his most popular designs. They crop up everywhere throughout his portfolio, making it somewhat of a shadowy garden filled with other striking figures done in the traditional style. It's easy to understand why so many of his clients request these flowers; they are the perfect hybrid of a delicate motif and a tough style. They're at once solid and fragile, embodying both beauty and strength. 

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If you want to see more blackwork done in the traditional style, hit up D'Arienzo's Instagram. He tattoos primarily on the road throughout the United Kingdom and can be contacted at rough.estate@gmail.com if you want a bold black rose on your body, too. 

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