Gorgeous Korean Cloud Tattoos by Apro Lee

Gorgeous Korean Cloud Tattoos by Apro Lee

Korean tattoo artist Apro Lee embraces his culture with his tattoos!

Your view on cloud tattoos is about to change. Korean tattoo artist Apro Lee is one of the leading blackwork artists in the world and his Asian inspired style is like nothing you've seen before. The designs and imagery of Lee incorporate that classic Asian feel, but the dark shading gives them a unique spin at the same time. Famed for his Korean Tiger Tattoos Lee also draws on other elements of traditional Korean art with his rad cloud tattoos. 

Admittedly cloud tattoos aren't exactly cutting edge and often just fill space- but those tattoos are not the Korean cloud tattoos of Lee. Taking a traditional Korean image and style, Lee's cloud tattoos are a mixture of Asian art and contemporary blackwork. I have to admit that this combination works perfectly. Lee has taken what others see as a filler and turned into one awesome tattoo.

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All images via Instagram.

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