Gorgeous Neo Traditional Lady Tattoos by Renae Haak

Gorgeous Neo Traditional Lady Tattoos by Renae Haak

Lady tattoos are classic tattoos and have a really cool look. These tattoos by Renae Haak are truly worth sharing.

Girl or lady head tattoos are some of the most common and classic tattoos out there. I wouldn't blame collectors though, they look super awesome, and serve as a homage to the women in our lives who gave us love and nourishment.

Renae Haak is a tattoo artist from New Castle, Australia. A versatile artist and advocate of the neo traditional tattoo style, Renae Haak creates awesome neo trad tattoos. Included in these are of course the awesome girl/lady tattoos that I'm sharing with you in this post. 

Though they may be a common tattoo subject, girl/lady head tattoos are tricky and can be hard to do. Like with any portrait, the execution of facial expressions is no walk in the park for any artist or tattooer. Renae Haak has an amazing way of creating a sense of emotion in the faces of her subjects. Additionally, she creates elements that really compliment her main subject and make for a fantastic tattoo. 

Pull some inspiration and enjoy these gorgeous neo traditional lady tattoos by Renae Haak.

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Hope you guys had an awesome time checking out these lady head tattoos by Renae Haak. If you want to see more awesome material from this artist, go ahead and follow her account on Instagram.

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