Graceful Minimalist Tattoos By Alisa Alisova

Graceful Minimalist Tattoos By Alisa Alisova

Alisa Alisova creates delicate tattoos using fine lines and an occasional touch of color.

Alisa Alisova's work shows how tattoos don't have to be bold and bright to be impressive. She uses fine lines and a dash of dotwork to make fragile yet powerful body art. Her work demonstrates how enchanting small-scale, minimalist compositions can look on people's skin. 

Alisova uses her exquisite approach to tattooing to create a wide variety of imagery. Most of her designs feature delicate figures, like flowers, feathers, and cute animals. She also occasionally surrounds them with stippled geometric figures to compliment their fragility.

Can't get enough of Alisova's tattoos? Then visit her Tattoodo profile.

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