Graceful Watercolor Tattoos by Georgia Grey

Graceful Watercolor Tattoos by Georgia Grey

She's got style and she's got grace - check out the amazing work of Georgia Grey!

If you've ever thought that all watercolor tattoos look the same, then you've never come across the work of Georgia Grey. She is the master of watercolor tattoos. Each individual tattoo takes different elements of watercolor art to bring characters, animals and ideas to fruition.

There are pieces with rough, haphazard ink splatters and others with a more refined and delicate ink placement. Some have sketchy outlines and in others thick brushstroke application. The wonderful thing is that they all work in the watercolor style and just look so beautiful. 

There's something so impressive about an artist who can recreate one style of art in a completely different manner, and on someone's skin, no less.

There's more of Georgia's lovely work right here: The Expressive Painting-Inspired Tattoos of Georgia Grey

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