Gradient Portrait Tattoos by Ry Tang

Gradient Portrait Tattoos by Ry Tang

Where blackwork tattoos meet fluorescent colors.

Tang's gradient portrait are like when blackwork, meets traditional tattoos with a huge burst of color with a gradient effect. The high contrast between the rich black ink detailing and shading really makes the colors pop. 

At first, you may find the fluorescent colors a little over-powering, but, if anything, they actually accentuate the facial features of these well-known people. I'd love to see this style applied to family (or even pet) portraits to see if it translates just as well. 

If you're looking for a new spin on a portrait tattoo, Ry Tang might be the artist for you. 

If you enjoyed these gradient portraits the double exposure traditional tattoos, also by Ry Tang, might be up your alley...

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