Graffiti Inspired Traditional Tattoos By Øriøl Last Minute

Graffiti Inspired Traditional Tattoos By Øriøl Last Minute

Øriøl Last Minute is a Barcelona-based tattoo artist, illustrator, painter and graffiti artist.

Take one glance at Øriøl's tattoos and it's clear that his tattooing draws inspiration from the techniques of graffiti art.

Bold lines, bubble shapes, bright colors - Øriøl Last Minute's tattoos have a distinctive style. The tattooer and illustrator is based at Family Art Tattoo, Barcelona, Spain.

Old school / bubble style street art has exaggerated attributes, solid line-work, block colors and surreal shapes. Øriøl's tattoo artistry utilizes these features to create striking tattoos that are traditional and innovative at the same time.

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