Graphic Novels, Manga, and Movies: Awesome Anime Tattoos

Graphic Novels, Manga, and Movies: Awesome Anime Tattoos

These anime tattoos are kockin' it old school with some homages to our favorite animated cartoon movies and more.

If you know us, and we know you do, you probably know that we here at Tattoodo are huge nerds...huge nerds for pretty much anything artistic, creative, outside the box, strange, surreal, awesome, get the deal. Which, of course, means that we love anime and manga. After all, the Japanese are the originators of Irezumi which is based off of Ukiyo-e prints, and some of our fave anime's are based off of those prints too. 

Many of the novels, books, or movies these anime tattoos are based on have been inspiring people like crazy...and spawning a new evolution from the New School tattoos we used to know. The people who do these pieces are absolute artists, yes, but not only do they know their techniques down pat, they know anime and comic history better than almost anyone on the planet. Team Otaku forever!

Studio Ghibli is probably the most famous anime production studio in the West, but there are definitely other people out there creating incredible anime films that inspire the heck out of us. That being said...Hayao Miyazaki does have a certain way about him...his films depict the essence of humankind, freedom, love, friendship and so many more aspects of life that really resonate with his audiences and capture their hearts. His movies have sparked so many anime tattoos that it would be difficult to keep them all in one place...and, yes, we've tried. 

It's not just Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle that inspires these tattoos...old school television hits like Gundam Wing, Dragonball Z, and Pokemon are common in this niche of the tattoo world. Cuz, let's face it, they're some of the best out there! 

Back in the day we used to run home to watch Toonami on the television...Sailor Moon, Big O, Inuyasha...these were the shows that filled our lives and inspired us, our style and aesthetics, later on. 

We freakin' love that there are tattoo artists out there who totally obsess over this stuff. It's '90's nostalgia for real. And we think, just like us, that after checking out these pieces you'll want some ink of your own! Don't fret: we can always help out. Tattoodo is hooking you up with inspo, artists, and studios right in your area. Getting tattooed just go a whole lot easier. 

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